Orchestrating Winning Performance liVe

Engage directly with world-class faculty

Enjoy the best of IMD’s academic excellence and real-world expertise from IMD’s top faculty. Get rich insights into the critical challenges faced by the global business community. Discover the best opportunities for you and your business.

Customize your experience

Match your company and personal development needs by customizing your schedule. Choose from 70+ sessions developed around nine themes: crisis, management, leadership, strategy, digital, markets, sustainability, innovation and family business.

Join highly interactive sessions

Meet innovative companies via Virtual In-Company Visits; discuss your own leadership challenges with the support of faculty and coaches - and more! Enjoy live Q&As, polls, breakout activities and small group collaborations too.

Strength in numbers – join as a team

OWP liVe offers a wealth of options for teams to focus on their company’s challenges and develop specific solutions at the corporate level.

3-day liVe virtual program
Engage directly with 45+ world-class faculty
Highly interactive sessions
Choose from 70+ sessions to customize your schedule
Be re-energized and prepared for the future
OWP journey