OWP liVe is an exciting NEW virtual learning experience, designed to re-energize and inspire business professionals and their teams with the latest business insights, trends and thought leadership. The program offers 70+ sessions and 40+ faculty experts, around eight themes: leadership, decision-making, post-COVID, strategy, digital, markets, sustainabilty and innovation.

The unique breadth of OWP liVe makes it ideal for individuals and teams at all career stages and every industry.

You can explore the OWP liVe schedule and filter by themes of most interest to you. Once you register, you will be directed to a dedicated area to make your personalized selection.

All participants will receive highlights of OWP liVe’s best insights and thought leadership shortly after the program.

For teams with a specific learning objective, IMD can help curate the learning journey. For this option, please contact us directly.

Once you register your topics, your OWP team will let you know what preparation is required if any. For example:

  • My Leadership Challenge requires preparation of your challenge for group discussion during the sessions
  • Some streams require pre-watching videos / pre-reading

If you register for a particular session but are not able to attend, it will be made available to you for one week post program.

Classes vary depending on the session type. Here are some examples:

  • My Leadership Challenge: 4 participants maximum
  • Streams: up to 40 participants average

Crisis is one of the program's main 9 themes, which are as follows: Crisis, Management, Leadership, Strategy, Digital, Markets, Sustainability, Innovation, Family Business

You will see inside a wide range of innovative companies from start-ups to multinationals. The reach is truly global.

Two main technologies (SpotMe and Zoom) will enable you to connect and interact with other executives as follows:

  • SpotMe enables you to create your profile, match with other participants, exchange business cards, post comments, chat, etc.
  • Zoom connects you virtually during sessions via chat, Q&A, polling, breakout rooms, virtual cafés etc.

Our operating principle is that security and data protection come first and foremost.

We have taken extra security measures, in accordance with Zoom’s recommendations. These include adjusting security settings, enforcing usage of Zoom client instead of the web interface, customisation of our weblink and per-session invitation identifiers, as well as the forced use of password-enabled invitations.

We believe that Zoom offers an unmatched user experience, including functionality that cannot be found elsewhere such as: breakout rooms, integrated voting/polls and 49 participants per screen with up to 300 participants in a meeting, and 10,000 participants in a webinar.

For the above reasons and with the security measures in place we are confident that Zoom is the best choice to deliver OWP liVe experience. If you still have concerns or require clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Times indicated are Central European Time (CET). To join from a different time zone, please calculate your personal schedule times. E.g., if you are based in Singapore, your day runs from 15:00 (09:00 CET) to 21:45 (15:45 pm CET).