Use a quiet room

Whether at home or at work, attend the conference from a quiet and dedicated room. Let people know (colleagues/family/roommates) that you’re attending the conference.

Turn off distractions

To focus on the conference, try to turn off most notifications on your computer and smartphone. Most apps can be set to a “Do not disturb” mode and you can also activate an email auto-responder.

Workspace and setup
Pay attention to your lighting

While your camera is turned on, make sure people can see you clearly. Try to use either natural or softer lighting. If possible, position your lighting source in front of you and your computer. This will ensure people can see you and make communication more effective.

Get a comfortable chair

You must be able to sit comfortably for several hours. A chair that adjusts to fit your needs is the best choice.

Get a comfortable chair
Use headphones with a microphone

This is especially important if your home has a lot of background noise (i.e. kids, pets). Pay attention to where your microphone is placed (so it doesn’t rub against your shirt or facial hair), because it may create unwelcome noise. Mute your microphone when you are not talking.

Prepare note-taking material

Have a pen or digital note-taking tool and other supplies at hand in case you want to take down notes during a session.

Use headphones
Internet connection

A stable internet connection will allow you to follow the sessions without interruption.

Your device

We will be using Zoom virtual classroom to deliver the OWP liVe experience. Connect from your desktop or choose a device that allows app installation and has a good quality screen (to minimize eye fatigue).

Internet connection

Our operating principle is that security and data protection come first and foremost. We have taken great lengths to ensure our communication platform meets the highest standards.

All the sessions will be password protected and encrypted.

Eat food that will give you sufficient energy

Eat a solid breakfast.
Have healthy snacks ready.
Stay hydrated.

Have your lunch prepared beforehand

By preparing meals ahead of time, you can focus on the conference and make the most of your breaks.

Personal well-being
Avoid eye fatigue

To reduce the risk of eye fatigue or eye strain from long amounts of screen time, look away from your computer at least every 20 minutes. Use this time to focus on a distant object (at least 20 feet - 6 meters away) for at least 20 seconds.

Don’t stay seated the whole day

Try to get up from your chair/desk every once in a while; take a few steps around the room.

Avoid eye fatigue
Be on time

Be sure to be connected and ready before the session begins.

Raise your hand and wait to speak

Depending on the session, there will be different ways to interact within the group, via Q&A, live using your microphone and even in breakout groups.

Your microphone should be muted and the Faculty will let you know the rules and method for each session.

Be on time
Be with us!

It’s great to see smiling faces😃! For most of our sessions, we will ask you to switch your camera on.

Be focused, be present and be participative to make the best of this learning experience!

Be with us