Keynotes and replay

Keynote title: Putting everything on the line

Peter Schmeichel - Former Manchester United goalkeeper

Tuesday, 17 November - 09:00 CET

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Peter Schmeichel

Keynote title: Leading OCP's transformation: a multi-stakeholder perspective

Dr Mostafa Terrab
Chairman & CEO, OCP Group

Wednesday, 18 November - 09:00 CET

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Mostafa Terrab

Keynote title: Plasticity of the social brain - from training the mind and heart to a more caring society

Professor Tania Singer
Scientific Head, Social Neuroscience Lab, Max Planck Society, Germany

Thursday, 19 November - 09:00 CET

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Tania Singer

Keynote title: The future of work: you & your colleagues are at home, your customer is at home - so what changes?

Magnus Falk
CIO Advisor in EMEA, Zoom

Thursday, 19 November - 12:45 CET

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Crowdsourced innovation, conquering commoditization, political CEOs and top teams’ COVID-19 responses at OWP liVe Day 3
November 19, 2020

IMD’s professors shared insights to help participants enhance leadership skills and cultivate winning performance amid global uncertainty on the third day of OWP liVe.

How quickfire, crowdsourced innovation can…

Cracking the transformation puzzle, leaders' self-care, digital marketing and data ethics at OWP liVe Day 2
November 18, 2020

Participants and IMD’s experts shared insights to enhance leadership skills and unlock the secrets of winning performance amid global uncertainty on the second day of OWP liVe

How diversification,…

Tough negotiations, AI-informed decisions, the secrets of agile leadership and the rising demand for sustainable strategies at OWP liVe
November 17, 2020

The opening of the second OWP liVe virtual program revealed the tricks of effective negotiation techniques, how to debias your decision making with technology, and …

How diversification, purpose and stakeholder power turned OCP around
November 18, 2020

Making money and doing good are often portrayed as antitheses. But Mostafa Terrab, chairman and chief executive officer of Morocco’s OCP Group, says such apparent opposites can be…

Change your brain, change your life: three scientifically proven techniques to boost mental health and well-being
November 19, 2020

You, too, can cultivate compassion, reduce stress and find happiness by using mindfulness and mental training techniques, said Professor Tania Singer in her OWP livekeynote…

‘People will work and consume where, when and how they want’ – Zoom CIO Advisor
November 19, 2020

Companies must now learn how to overcome the twin challenges of managing a hybrid workforce and the needs of remote consumers, according to Zoom CIO Advisor Magnus Falk